Nadja Heikkilä

About UEFF

Umeå European Film Festival 2016 will take place from 22-27 November. The festival offers a wide program focusing on European film, a program to highlight films from and about different European countries. We see the European profile as an umbrella under which different understandings of what European film and cinema is, being housed and presented. Recurrence in the festival program is the Insights. Every year we look to the film and cinema life in the two countries that for the year holds the European capitals of culture. Through this insight we present film and film culture from two countries, In 2016 Poland and Spain will be subject to this insight.

Umeå The European Film Festival is rooted in and works on three basic themes; Gender equality in the film industry, Local Film and Film Talk. We want these three basic themes to ensure that the film festival has a thorough foundation that characterizes the festival and its contents.

Equality in the film industry

With various collaborations, talks, films and curators, we work for raising further questions regarding men, women and film. We will continue to have around 50% of the films shown during the festival directed by women.

Local film

Umeå European Film Festival wants to be a platform for local filmmakers to meet and exchange experiences. We considers it important to show locally produced films on the big screen before an audience and provide an opportunity for filmmakers and audiences to talk about these films. UEFF want to highlight and discuss films from and about northern Sweden.

Film talk

Film and talk are about extending the movie experience by taking the opportunities to develop the processes and thoughts that the film provide and started. We want to offer our audience the opportunities to listen to the directors' own thoughts on some of the films we are showing and enable meetings and discussions between professionals, invited guests, lecturers and visitors.

Umeå European Film Festival is arranged by Folkets Bio Umeå.